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Heather Pelletier liked Rebecca Merrell's discussion Teachers VS Zombies
Mar 27
Heather Pelletier replied to Jeff Theurer's discussion The New Google Sites
"It requires permissions, I expect it is district specific. No problem, the front page loaded up fine it was just the linked vocab docs, which are probably stored within your district firewall.  :)"
Mar 26
Jeff Theurer replied to Jeff Theurer's discussion The New Google Sites
"I have learned that you have to be signed into your google account to access the links."
Mar 26
Tammy Morris replied to Ray DePriest's discussion Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
"That's a good point -- I really didn't see a lot of VR and AR exhibited at ASTE this year. There has been more in the past. That's too bad, because, as you mentioned, AR and VR are being used elsewhere in our world, and we need to…"
Mar 26
Tammy Morris replied to Kathryn Brown's discussion Maker Space
"While I don't have my own classroom now, I have also been intrigued by makerspaces in the classroom. At home, my grandkids use the items we have in recycling bins for making things (the latest project was Leprechaun Traps!), and they tell me…"
Mar 26
Frances Daly replied to Rebecca Merrell's discussion Teachers VS Zombies
"One key thing that has stuck with me from her presentation (and I don't remember the wording exactly) but the point was that there are three categories, those without technology, those with technology who use it all the time, and those with…"
Mar 25
Frances Daly replied to Ray DePriest's discussion Blended Learning
"I agree!  I teach in a multi-grade classroom, and using online learning as a station has really helped in my math class.  My district uses Envision learning, and I created log ins for all my students so that they can access Pearson log in…"
Mar 25
Frances Daly replied to Ray DePriest's discussion Mawi Asgedom
"I really enjoyed Mawi's message as well.  I liked the easy and memorable images that went along with his message framing it as a turbo button or a victim button.  I would love more of his illustrations for social/emotional learning to…"
Mar 25
Frances Daly replied to Frances Daly's discussion STEAMin it Up
"The littles have done really well!  Generally we pair them with an older student, fourth and above, and they work really well together.  I think they could possibly need more guidance if they were in k/1 pairs.  It is hard to say, as…"
Mar 25
Heather Pelletier replied to Jeff Theurer's discussion The New Google Sites
"Jeff, The layout is really clean, I like it! Was not able to access any of the links, but the front pages were in view. I took the Google Classrooms class at ASTE as well and am really impressed at how easy it is to create a really nice web page…"
Mar 25
Heather Pelletier liked Jeff Theurer's discussion The New Google Sites
Mar 25
Heather Pelletier posted a discussion

Final Project: Pelletier & Bulovsky

The intent of this project is to create a shared space for our Mat-Su iTech teachers to stretch their learning and share best practices for full virtual classes.  Mat-Su iTech currently has 8 full or part time teachers working with about 1000 students in the Mat-Su Borough School District, all enrolled in full virtual courses. Teachers are remote from sites, although we have been discussing having teachers make regular onsite visits to students, especially at the beginning of each semester to…See More
Mar 25
Heather Pelletier replied to Tammy Morris's discussion Rebooting Industrial Era Seating
"To add on to this post, Mat-Su iTech is offering two sessions of Blended Learning PD at the SAMS (Summer Academy at Mat-Su) at the end of this school year. One session will be focused on how to use online curriculum in a blended learning/station…"
Mar 25
Heather Pelletier replied to Tammy Morris's discussion Superintendents Speak Out About the Benefits of Peer Networking
"Professional Development is definitely a way to get out and see what is happening outside of your own really is an amazing opportunity to see the wide range of efforts across many demographic areas and learn how to do something new without…"
Mar 25
Ray DePriest posted discussions
Mar 25
Ray DePriest replied to Tyler Beardsley's discussion Gwyneth Jones
"Gwyneth Jones, the speech was inspiring with her can do delivery for students and staff. She apparently is an early adopter and is not afraid try new tool on behalf of student performance and staff development. The technology tool of the day creates…"
Mar 25

Blog Posts

Last Week of Class!

Posted by Tammy Morris on March 20, 2018 at 9:01am 0 Comments

Keep the contributions to a great conversations coming! The discussions on the articles, as well as your individual posts in the other topic areas are a great extension to ASTE! Selfishly, I love this class because of the thoughts and ideas that continued to be shared the month of ASTE. And the Final Projects! What great ideas! I highly encourage you to post yours in the Final Projects category, so that others can use or adapt your efforts. 

We are now in the last week of class.…


Registration Still Open Even Though Class is Half Over

Posted by Tammy Morris on March 14, 2018 at 9:27am 0 Comments

It doesn't seem like it's been a little over 3 weeks since we left ASTE! This happens every year - this month after ASTE flies by! We have a little less than 2 weeks left in the class. While it has slowed down some in the last week or so, there has been some good discussion happening on the Ning. I've received most Attendance Logs, some Final Projects, and even submitted some Final Grades to UAA for 3 people! If this year goes as most years, we'll get more class participation this coming…


Have You Registered With UAA?

Posted by Tammy Morris on February 27, 2018 at 5:00am 0 Comments

Participation in this Ning is a great way to extend the ASTE experience! You are welcome to continue participating even if you are not working toward earning 1 or 2 university credits. However, if you do want to earn the 1 or 2 credits, please be sure to register with UAA! Attached are the instructions to register online, but if you have difficulty, or it is past the online registration deadline, call:…


Next Steps?

Posted by Tammy Morris on February 26, 2018 at 4:00am 1 Comment

So glad you have successfully joined the Ning! I hope you have had a relaxing weekend after the whirlwind of activities at ASTE. As you look toward completion of this class, I'd like to line out the things you'll need to do. For further details, please see the Class Requirements document I have attached to this post. 

  1. Be sure you are registered…


The New Google Sites

Started by Jeff Theurer in Course Papers and Projects. Last reply by Heather Pelletier Mar 26. 3 Replies

I went to the Google Sites session hoping to figure out how to make my site look better and manage some pages that were really starting to fill up with a lot of data and I was needing some…Continue

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Started by Ray DePriest in *Information Technology. Last reply by Tammy Morris Mar 26. 1 Reply

Technology will continue to play a more significant role in the education system as new tools are being created for better opportunities and more customized lessons based off of school, class, and…Continue

Maker Space

Started by Kathryn Brown in *STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Last reply by Tammy Morris Mar 26. 1 Reply

I attended the Maker Space session. I have been fascinated with the idea of having a Maker Space in my classroom but have always stayed away because of all the unknown variables. These ladies really…Continue

Teachers VS Zombies

Started by Rebecca Merrell in *Personalized and Blended Learning. Last reply by Frances Daly Mar 25. 4 Replies

I had so much fun in Natalie Priester's session Teachers VS Zombies.  The way she made "stations" for a the middle school classroom was amazing.  I Think sectionaling each stage of a project to make…Continue



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